Export Products

Canned Carabao (Carbonated)

Under the “Carabao” trademark.
330 ml Aluminum Can

Carbonated Canned Carabao is a carbonated energy drink available in a 330ml can format. It was first launched in Cambodia since May 2015 and has been exported to many countries including but not limited to United Kingdom, Brazil and other countries where the carbonated version is preferred among consumers in the future.

Canned Carabao (Non-carbonated)

Under the “Carabao” trademark.
250 ml Aluminum Can

Non-Carbonated Canned Carabao is a non-carbonated energy drink available in a 250ml can format. The format is mainly exported to overseas markets such as China, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Myanmar, Vietnam and many other countries globally. The portion of main ingredients in canned Carabao supplied are varied from one country to others based on consumer behaviors and preferences as well as the local regulations.