Domestic Products

Bottled Carabao Dang

Under the “Carabao dang” trademark.
150 ml Glass Bottle

Bottled Carabao Dang is a non-carbonated energy drink available in a 150ml bottle format mainly sold in the Thai market. The product is also exported to certain countries where bottled energy drinks are popular among consumers.

Bottled Carabao Dang is the first energy drink in Thailand that promotes vitamin B12 clearly on product label which creates a unique positioning for Carabao Dang. Such a marketing communication strategy was believed to form part of the contributing factors to the successful launch of bottled Carabao Dang in Thailand.

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Carabao Drinking Water

Quality Drinking water.
GMP and HACCP approved process.
600 ml and 1,500 ml clear PET bottle

Carabao drinking water is packed in clear PET bottle with size of 600 ml and 1,500 ml. In February 2016, the Group commenced the marketing and selling of Carabao drinking water in Thailand. Carabao drinking water offers consumers a natural underground water that is contaminant free, in which it is processed through 4 high technology standards: Filtration, R.O., UV and Ozone, in order to achieve quality Carabao drinking water.

Carabao Ready-To-Drink Coffee

To create our delicious ready to drink coffee for Thai consumers, our beverages are handcrafted from the best Robusta specie. The outstanding taste of the rich coffee along with the exceptional aroma and flavor will keep you awake and fresh throughout the day.
180 ml. aluminum can

Carabao ready-to-drink coffee is produced in 2 flavors: (1) Espresso (Green can), and (2) Robusta (Red can) with package size of 180 ml. In November 2016, the Group launched Carabao ready-to-drink coffee in Thailand and differentiated its product through highlighting the intense coffee flavor as key taste of Carabao ready-to-drink coffee.

Carabao instant powder 3-in-1 coffee

Carabao 3-in-1 coffee is an instant coffee consisting of a premium grade Robusta coffee bean. We have selected high quality grown coffee beans from the best source passed through a special roasting process that gives a mild and rich coffee taste uniquely to Carabao.

Carabao instant powder 3-in-1 coffee are available in 2 flavors: (1) Carabao Rich aroma (red sachet) 1 packet of 19 grams contains up to 30 sachets, (2) Carabao Espresso (green sachet) 1 packet of 18 grams contains up to 30 sachets. In July 2016, the Group first launched Carabao instant powder 3-in-1 coffee, and differentiate its product through highlighting the delicious smooth flavor as key taste of Carabao Rich Aroma while emphasizing the intense coffee flavor as key taste of Carabao Espresso.

Carabao Sport

250 ml Glass Bottle

Carabao Sport is an electrolyte drink available in a 250ml glass bottle. It was first introduced to Thai market in May 2014. The Group commenced the marketing and selling of Carabao Sport in Thailand by highlighting Zinc as a key ingredient to distinguish Carabao Sport from its competitors.

("Start Plus" trademark was renamed to "Carabao Sport" effectively in 2018)


Under Carabao trademark.
180 ml and 330 ml aluminum can

Carabao Green Apple flavor, a superior taste carbonated energy drink in the UK, has now been available in Thailand in June 2018.

In 2018, Canned Carbonated Carabao Green Apple flavor was certified its quality and granted a SUPERIOR TASTE AWARD by the International Flavor and Quality Certification Institute (iTQi), the world's leading organization based in Belgium dedicating to certifying the TASTE of food and drink products

Woody C+ Lock

140 ml. green glass bottle

The vitamin-c drink contains a 120 mg. of vitamin-C (equivalent to 200% of recommended daily intake). On top of the functional benefit, the product is made with unique innovative approaches to maintain the freshness and goodness of vitamin C under the name of ‘C+ Lock’ innovation. These unique innovations are (1) Using green glass bottle to prevent vitamin-C from being destroyed by sunlight, (2) Filling with nitrogen which helps maintaining the freshness of vitamin C inside until the bottle is opened, (3) Using a Special Double Lock Cap which can help lock the goodness & freshness of the product.