CSR Policy

The Group operates their business with morality and ethics, taking into account the stakeholders, economy, society, and the environment. In order to secure the confidence of shareholders, investors, employees, customers, stakeholders, and all relevant persons, the Group also adheres to good corporate governance principles to ensure the integrity, transparency, and equitability of the business, recognizing the negative effects on the economy, society, natural resources, and the environment. The Group’s corporate social responsibility policy is as follows :

The Group places emphasis on honest and fair business operation in accordance with the competition rules under relevant laws and regulations, taking into account the benefits and the effect of the operation of the business by the Group on stakeholders, namely shareholders, employees, customers, partners, investors, creditors, and the surrounding community. The Group has determined the relevant guidelines as follows:

  • (a) to operate the business strictly in accordance with the applicable laws, regulations, and rules, and to cooperate with the authorities; and
  • (b) to create awareness among employees regarding the importance of compliance and fair competition.

It is the Group’s policy to combat corruption by promoting morality, ethics, and transparency in operating the business, in accordance with the Group’s code of conduct, and to operate the business using effective management systems with transparency and traceability. The Group also encourages training and creating awareness among employees of possible corruption, and supervises anti-corruption efforts in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • (a) Employees shall avoid accepting gifts, rewards, entertainment, and other benefits of distributors, to ensure independence in procuring goods from distributors. If an employee is found to accept benefits that exceed customary practice, or takes any action that compromises the employee’s independence in performing his or her duty, the employee may be subject to investigation or allegation, and punishment in accordance with the work regulations or other rules of the Group.

The Group operates their business in respect of human rights, by promoting and protecting rights, freedom, and equitable treatment, which is the foundation of human resources management and development. It is not the Group’s policy to discriminate on the grounds of race, gender, age, or disability. The Group has determined the following guidelines in this regard:

  • (a)The Group hires persons with disability to perform work for the Group, with commitment to equitable treatment, in order to create job opportunities and income for such persons.

The Group believes that personnel are the heart of sustainable development. With commitment to the quality of life of employees, the Group provides a good working environment, implement a human resources management system that is based on fairness, and promote development of personnel by providing training and on-the-job trainings based on the needs and suitability of each staff member, in order to increase work efficiency and create career progress. The Group has determined the following guidelines in this regard:

  • (a) The Group categorizes their employees into four groups, namely the Sales Team, Sao Bao Dang Team, Factory Team, and the support staff, and provide training to each group as appropriate for their duties;
  • (b) The Group focuses on providing an orderly working environment for occupational safety, and implement systems for a hygienic cafeteria, clean toilets, safe transportation, and efficient infirmary, in accordance with the law; and
  • (c) The Group will ensure fairness in hiring new employees, transferring employees, and determining remuneration for employees, taking into account qualifications, suitability for the position, nature of work, and performance.

The Group is committed to producing and developing quality products to satisfy the needs of consumers, from choosing quality raw materials to using manufacturing processes with advanced standardized technology for cleanliness and safety, with GMP certification, HACCP certification, and approval by food and drug administrations at an international level. The Group has already obtained ISO 22000.

The Group strictly complies with the laws and regulations concerning environmental management, and implement preventive and corrective measures for environmental impact caused by the operation of the Group. The Group also uses resources efficiently and economically, implements an effective production waste treatment system, and assesses their environmental management system. The Group has determined the following guidelines in this regard:

  • (a) The Group manages factory waste by engaging a third-party juristic person to manage waste in the factory. The Group’s employees place waste in designated areas. Then, the juristic person disposes of the waste outside the factory. The Group will apply for permission from the Department of Industrial Works to remove waste from the factory.
  • (b) The Group engages a third-party juristic person to measure environment quality, in terms of particulate matter, noise level within the factory, heat, sufficiency of lighting, and quality of water and air, and prepare an environmental monitoring report.

“Building values in life” is the philosophy behind the Group’s corporate action that aims to give back values to society. In that regard, the Group also establishes social projects as a mean of providing a valuable and sustainable foundation of life to the public community.

Music for Life Project

Carabao Foundation together with Carabao Tawandang Co., Ltd., who jointly formed the “Music for Life” Project, continued to deliver creative social activities relentlessly as part of its CSR program. Since year 2014, they co-created a TV show with Work Point TV called “Bao Young Blood – Music for Life Project” to host a musical talent show that has been running for three seasons since. The TV show offers an opportunity for Thai youth, who are pursuing secondary to higher education, to showcase their musical talent through performing an improvised version of Carabao music in their own style, which ensues the project’s objective in promoting the use of free time to benefit the youth themselves, through developing musical skills. The nationwide application submission period lasted well over 8 weeks (from 1 July – 15 September, 2016) on its website www.carabao.co.th inviting the youth to participate.

Those applicants who pass the screening phase will go on to audition on stage on the provincial level to showcase their talent in front of the panel of judges. Afterwards, those who pass the provincial audition level will go on to compete on the regional level, consists of 5 regions of Thailand which are North, Central, North-East, South, and Greater Bangkok. Only 80 bands of contestant will be nominated to join the Semi-Final level, in which there will only be 20 bands left to progress to the next level. The next level is where the contestants will get an opportunity to participate in a workshop with 8 of Carabao band members, including Add Carabao (Yuenyong Opakul), Lek Carabao (Preecha Chanapai), Thierry Carabao (Thierry Mekwattana), Odd Carabao (Kreakkamphon Pathomatta), Duke Carabao (Luechai Ngarmsom), Mhee Carabao (Kajornsak Hutawattana), Ko Carabao (Chuchart Nuduang), and Uan Carabao (Thanasith Panpongthai). The Carabao band members will offer advice in music to the contestants before the elimination stage where only 5 bands will be selected to compete in the Final round. The winner will win a scholarship worth of 100,000 Baht for their education and will receive a medal of honor from Carabao Foundation. Moreover, the winner will get to perform on the stage alongside with the Carabao band members in a charity concert organized by Music for Life Project. The revenue from the charity tickets sold will go towards funding Thailand’s elderly artists who are in need.

My Tambon Project

“My Tambon” project was established since year 2004 until today with the purpose to instill, support, and encourage Thai youth towards preserving nature and environment in their own local communities. The participants of the program are targeted at primary education students by which they must submit an essay to “Uncle Add Carabao” under the topic ideas surrounding “How good nature and environment creates quality living in my district”. The project also encourage and preserve the proper usage of Thai language through essay writing as well as help creating values in life and unify the community that is being written about. In 2016, my Tambon’s topic has changed to “The material goods from my district”, whereby this topic will help encourage kids to write about goods from their district and to describe how valuable the goods are to themselves and to the others. The central role of this project will be on igniting ways of thinking and inspiring Thai youth to become more conscious of nature and environment surrounding their communities.

The panel of judges will select the best essays of the month in which the winner of the outstanding essay will receive a scholarship worth Baht 5,000.0 for their education and a certificate of achievement. The district in which the student writes about will receive Baht 10,000.0 in support of nature and environmental preservation activities. Moreover, the winning essay from the project will be published on various medium such as online, radio, and television, which will feature a length of 2 minutes through the broadcasting channels every week in order to promote the essay of the students among the public.

Music for Life Project


My Tambon Project

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