The Warrior Band, a group of students from the Armed Forces Academies Preparatory School, lifted the Bao Young Blood Value for Life Music Season 2 Cup.


The Carabao Charity and Carabao Energy Drink, in association with Workpoint TV, who joined forces to create Bao Young Blood Value for Life Music Season 2, would like to announce the winner of the competition. The Warrior, made up of students from the Armed Forces Academies Preparatory School in Nakhon Nayok, emerged victorious following their outstanding take on “Phra-Jao-Thak”, one of Carabao’s most famous songs. Their performance proved that “soldiers not only carry guns, but can hold musical instruments and create happiness for everyone.” The Warrior emerged as the clear victors having won the hearts of the Carabao band, the judges and the voters supporting the bands from their homes. As well as winning the Bao Young Blood Cup presented by the Carabao Charity, The Warrior also won 100,000 Baht in educational funds, as well as having the opportunity to perform live alongside the Carabao band.

The Bao Young Blood Value for Life Music Season 2 received incredible attention from young music enthusiasts who wanted to showcase their talents. After various rounds of auditions up and down the country, we had 5 winners from each region who carefully exposed their unique talents by delivering their take on Carabao songs. From the South, we had The Black Sheep from Phuket; from Greater Bangkok, we had Full Feel Ska from Nonthaburi; from the North East, we had the Betta Splens from Ubon Ratchtani; from the North, we have the Erotic Roll from Sukhothai; while the Warrior, who are from Nakhon Nayok, were the representatives from the Midlands.

The winner of the competition was selected via a three way selection process. A vote from the Carabao band, the 3 judges of the show - “Kiew” Carabao, Kirati Phromsaka, “Maew” Jirasak Parnpoom and “Khru-Ouan” Maneenuch Samiensudt and votes from viewers across the country.

After the amazing performances in the final round, the presenter of the program announced the national winner of the show as The Warrior.

Poom, Borrirak Maneesrisuwan, aged 19, who is currently studying at the Armed Forces Academies Preparatory School, speaking as the representative of The Warrior Band, stated “In this competition, our band stood by the principle of building happiness through music and wanted to show that soldiers not only hold guns to protect the country but can also use musical instruments to build happiness. We chose “Phra-Jao-Thak” as our song in the final round.”

Poom further suggested “I believe it is our strength as a team that gave us the edge over the other bands. Our strength came from much practice and because of that, we were able to show our full power through our performances. Many believe that when soldiers perform together, perhaps it will not go well, but after we spent a lot of time practicing, it enabled us to change that perception about ourselves. We found that solders can be both strong whilst at the same time play music.”

The Warrior was formed following the coming together of 8 students from the Armed Forces Academies Preparatory School who all love music and possess different skills. While having competed in music competitions in the past, it is not until Bao Young Blood Value for Life Music Season 2 that the Warrior shone together.

Poom said “We didn’t start off by singing songs-for-life music. In the past when we performed in other competitions, we thought we had reached our maximum capability; we didn’t think we could develop anymore. But, after having competed in Bao Young Blood and been mentored by the Carabao band and receiving advice, this made us realize that we could go beyond. We love all the Carabao members: they are true legends. Having won the cup, even if the younger generation stop following The Warrior, we want to make sure that they continue to follow this great music show.”

Poom ended by addressing the young generation by saying “In the future, we want you guys to play music with the love that you have for it. Do not wish for fame from music. Because music makes people happy ,it will lift you up. Try to practice a lot, just like how we practiced – this was the advice given to us by the Carabao band.

Yuenyong Opakul, or Aed Carabao, speaking about this year’s event, said “’Opportunity’ is something that doesn’t come around often so, when that opportunity arises, it has to be grabbed, and it is your heart and determination that will make you successful. That said, this stage is therefore an opportunity for the new generation to showcase their talent and for them to be proud that they have had the opportunity to be involved in “The Value for Life Music” project since all the profits made will go towards artists in their later years who have been confronted with personal issues.”

Aed elaborated, saying, “Throughout our lives, we have seen the value of music, so we want to pass this on to the younger generation who possess dreams by providing a stage for them to experience a professional stage and to interact with musicians who have been successful in their career. In the future, when they get the opportunity to build a successful music career, they will remember that in the past, they had the opportunity to have this experience with us. I believe they will not forget this event since it gives the opportunity for young Thais to show their intellectual skills that will help Thai society move towards a positive direction.

The winner of Bao Young Blood Value for Life Music Season 2 have won the cup, along with educational funds of 100,000 baht from the Carabao Charity, while the 5 representatives from each region had their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform alongside the Carabao band; an experience that the new generation, or the Bao Young Bloods, can cherish.