Carabao Dang continues 'Carabao Coach the Coaches' with a second football coaching program for Thai coaches facilitated by world-class coaching mentors from Chelsea FC


Carabao Dang underscores its success by organizing “Carabao Coach the Coaches”, a football coaching course, for the second consecutive year, with world-class coaching mentors from the Blues or Chelsea Football Club, one of England’s famed Premier League football clubs. This year’s training program has met with an overwhelming reception with the available places quickly filled to capacity. Like last year, the training course has room for 360 trainees and will be divided into six classes, each consisting of 60 trainees. Former Thailand national-team footballer Anurak “Coach Joon” Srikerd will lead a special workshop designed to enable trainees to apply the knowledge and skills learned in class to real-world games.

Last year, Carabao Dang, the world-class product and the world-class brand, in collaboration with Chelsea F.C., a Premier League English football club, organized “Carabao Coach the Coaches”, a football coaching course that brought together youth-team coaching mentors from Chelsea F.C. with 21 years’ coaching experience in 31 countries across six continents to share their knowledge, skills and experiences with Thai coaches. Held at Rajpracha Sport Resort & Spa in Pakchong, Nakhon Ratchasima, the training aimed to develop the coaching skills of Thai coaches in accordance with world-class standards and enable the trainees to apply their knowledge and skills for the development of professional youth footballers in the future.

Last year’s “Carabao Coach the Coaches” was a great success and met with a warm reception from lots of Thai coaches submitting their applications for the coaching program. This year, Carabao is building on last year’s success by collaborating with Chelsea Football Club once again. Under this project Carabao will bring in experienced and knowledgeable coaching mentors from Chelsea F.C. to train Thai coaches for the second time from November 19 to December 1, 2018 at Pattana Golf Club & Resort in Chonburi. The training course is open to 360 participants who are divided into six groups. The list of trainees was announced on the Facebook page of “Carabao – Chelsea Coach the Coaches.”

Mr.Kamoldist Smuthkochorn Deputy Managing Director of Marketing of Carabao Group Public Company Limited, says that ‘Carabao Coach the Coaches’ was held for the first time last year and it was a great success. The training course met with a warm reception from Thai coaches. In the training program, Each of the trainees showed the determination to learn the theoretical and practical components of football coaching. As we are well aware of the importance of the training program, we’ve decided to organize ‘Carabao Coach the Coaches’ for the second consecutive year. Like last year, the training has room for 360 trainees. Thanks to the brand’s alliance with Chelsea F.C., the training will be facilitated by experienced coaches from Chelsea. After every two classes, there will be a special workshop in which a group of selected 20 trainees will undergo further training with renowned Thai coach Anurak “Coach Joon” Srikerd, who’s a former Thailand national-team footballer and the current manager of Bangkok Glass Football Club. The workshop focuses on development of a curriculum in coaching education that can be applied for real-world use.”

This year’s coaching program is a combination of theory and practical based delivery in the morning and afternoon sessions. The emphasis is on knowledge, skills and hands-on experience necessary for coaching youth footballers so that they have better skills and performance. Set in a warm and friendly atmosphere, the training promotes exchanges of knowledge and experiences and encourages questions from class. Trainees will enjoy gaining knowledge and an impressive training experience. On successful completion of the course, trainees will receive a certificate from Chelsea Football Club.

Trainees in the coaching program are divided into three categories:

  1. Coaches for students aged 7-10
  2. Coaches for students aged 11-14
  3. Coaches for students aged 15-18

For more information about and updates on “Carabao Coach the Coaches”, visit its Facebook page, “Carabao – Chelsea Coach the Coaches”, or check out