Business Structure

Business Structure

The Group is a holding company engaged in manufacturing, marketing, selling, and distributing energy drinks and other beverages in a vertically integrated manner. Starting from upstream productions of key packaging materials i.e. glass bottles and aluminum cans, down to the bottling and canning of finished products, as well as distribution channel management both domestically and internationally under the World-Class Product, World-Class Brand vision. The group holds a number of subsidiaries directly and indirectly under the following shareholding structure.


CBD Production, Marketing, Selling, and Distribution of Products under the Group’s Trademarks

CBD engages in productions, marketing, selling and distributing energy drinks, sport drinks and other beverages that the company may be of interest to commercially endeavor in the future for both domestic and overseas markets. Installed production capacities under CBD could accommodate approximately 2,500 million cans and 2,400 million bottles per year.

CBD currently manages to produce energy drinks in various formats not only from packaging materials perspective but also the content mixed so as to satisfy different preferences of consumer behaviors in the countries where our products are present. Consumers in The Thai market and overseas countries mainly prefer energy drinks in bottle and can format, respectively, with non-carbonated taste. Further to our core energy drink products, CBD also utilizes its own capabilities for production of functional drinks and sport drinks. Meanwhile, water, Coffee 3 in 1 and Coffee RTD are all produced by local manufacturers under terms and conditions of the contracts. Such branded products are managed as one portfolio according to our group business plans, respective demands among other economic and competitive setting factors.

Energy drinks under our Carabao brand are the single largest contributor to revenue from overseas sales. CBD manages from the Thai operation base to produce and export finished products to our business partners, who are responsible for marketing, selling and distributing our products to consumer group in their designated countries (Distributorship).
Upstream integration into packaging material productions not only improves the product quality and enables the flexibility in production but also reduces the risks associated with reliance on third party suppliers. Machines, equipments and supporting systems with advanced technologies, coupled with adjacent location under the industrial cluster concept, potentially serve us as the basis for better managing production costs and economies of scale throughout the early stage of value creation chain from packaging materials i.e. glass bottle and aluminum can to finished products.


APG Glass Bottle Production and Sourcing

APG engages in production and sourcing of glass bottles as packaging materials used for energy drinks and other beverages. Installed production capacities under APG could accommodate approximately 640, up from 310 tons of molten glass per day.

The installed production capacities are mainly used to make amber glass bottles and emerald green glass as packaging materials. Any excess capacities shall be utilized to make and sell glass bottles to outside parties for the purpose of efficiencies and cost management program to the best interest of the company overall. By integrating ESG as a part of doing business, APG has installed solar roof system at the site with installed capacity of 5 megawatts to enable the company to generate electricity from renewable energy sources which started to commence operation in 2021. And also, in the process of installing an additional 5 megawatts of power capacity and the production of electricity will commence gradually within 2023.


DCM Distribution Channel Management for Domestic Markets

DCM engages in managing distribution channels in Thailand, covering our branded product portfolio including the products we produce on our own account i.e. energy drinks functional drinks and sport drinks (Branded products by our own manufacturer) and those we outsource respective productions to third party suppliers i.e. water, coffee 3 in 1 and coffee RTD (Branded products by 3rd party manufacturer) and other products we may be of interest to commercially endeavor in the future. Additionally, DCM is also in charge of distributing products for third parties in both food and non food categories (3rd party products for distribution). Key distribution channels under DCM management span a.) traditional trade channel, through both the Multi tiered agent system and our own distribution centers and cash vans as well as b.) modern trade channel.

Distribution centers and cash vans help witness our substantial progress made towards increasing level of direct access to retailers. DCM has succeeded in development of customer relationship management whereby database has been well established over time and in turn allows DCM to properly identify and group the subject retailers for more comprehensive analysis of turnover related information such as size, pattern of purchase order and payment for the individual products. The info derived is of valuable use to the benefits of building and strengthening our own retail network and deploying our marketing and sales plans in an effective result-based fashion. At the present, DCM operates 31 distribution centers and 330 cash vans to reach approximately 180,000 identified retailers nationwide.

Marketing and sales policies laid down for the Thai markets have evolved in response to the dynamics. They are recently reshaped to focus on seamless collaborations between on- and off-line advertising, below the line marketing activities and retail network building in each province, using our own pool of over 1,500 heacounts grounded all over the major commercial zones in Thailand.


ACM Aluminum Can Productions

ACM established as a joint venture engages in production of aluminum cans as packaging materials used for energy drinks and other beverages. The factory is landed on a 31-rai plot which is sufficiently large to install up to 2 production lines. Currently, ACM has commenced a single line of productions capable of approximately 1,000 million cans per year from November 2018 onwards.


APM Packaging Materials Productions and Sourcing

APM engages in production and procurement of packaging materials in three types including carton box, OPP label, and shrink film as packaging material used for the Company’s energy drinks and other beverages.

Most of APM’s production capability will be used to serve the production of Company’s energy drinks and other beverages. Any excess capacity shall be utilized to make and sell these packaging materials to outside parties for the purpose of efficiencies and cost management program to the best interest of the company overall. By integrating ESG as a part of doing business, APM shall use the recycling film as a key raw materials in the production process.


ACV New Product Development

Asia Carabao Venture Co., Ltd. Principally engage as a holding company.


AWD Brand Owners and Marketing Management of Functional Drinks

A Woody Drink Co., Ltd. Principally engage in marketing and sale of functional drinks under Woody C+ Locak trademark and other functional drinks/ products to be developed in the future, which is a joint venture between ACV and Mr. Vuthithorn Milintachinda, an influencing moderator and content owner with popularity among televisions and social medias, with shareholding of 85% and 15%, respectively.


ICUK Marketing, Selling, and Distributing products under the Group’s portfolio to the United Kingdom Market and the Countries outside Asia

ICUK as a joint venture held indirectly through our overseas subsidiaries namely CHHK and CVHLUX engages in marketing, selling and distributions of energy drinks under our trademarks in the UK markets and certain countries outside Asia. Finished products are now manufactured by the company’s production capability in Thailand in order to match the minimum order quantity with the business needs and size, whereby previously was manufactured by a third party under terms and conditions of the contract. Having successfully listed our energy drink products live on shelves of the increasing number of grocery chain stores, ICUK has expanded into online platform.

The company puts marketing and sales policies into actions more effectively. With that being said, business plans are created in joint effort with our business partners, and we also provide them with marketing support and sales tools to the extent necessary to not only substantiate product experiences but also make a chief use of our global marketing platform i.e. sponsor to English Football League (EFL) to the advantage of promoting recognition of our strength in market positioning. As a result, a growing network of distributions could be built and our products have enormous potential in the countries we are present today and may plan to pursue for growth prospect in the future.


CBMG Data Management Services

Carabao Marketing Group Co., Ltd. Principally engage in the business of creating, maintain and developing online applications and various information.