Carabao introduces rich and robust canned instant coffee for coffee lovers


Carabao recently launches canned instant coffee; Carabao Robusta Flavour (red can) and Carabao Espresso Flavour (green can) to the local market with musician Aed Carabao as presenter under the concept, “My coffee, Carabao coffee”.

Sathien Setthasit, CEO of Carabao Group Public Company Limited or CBG, states that the firm is proud to introduce the rich, aromatic and robust canned instant coffee under the Carabao brand that is sure to delight Thai consumers with convenient, refreshing and invigorating quality coffee.

The firm has marketed and distributed canned instant coffee since November 2016. Carabao canned instant coffee comes in two varieties; Carabao Robusta in red can that is pleasant and robust, and Carabao Espresso in green can with extra richness for Thai coffee lovers.

Previously in July 2016, the firm marketed instant powder 3-in-1 quality ground coffee sourced from premium coffee plantation. The coffee beans are roasted with special techniques to ensure rich, robust characters and natural flavors, then packed in convenient sachets with advanced technology to secure freshness and maintain the coffee’s authentic flavors, promising true taste of aromatic, rich and robust coffee which is the signature style of Carabao coffee.

Since the launch of tantalizing Carabao canned instant coffee, priced at only 10 Baht which is 3 Baht less than major competitors’ prices in the market, the product has met with great positive feedback from consumers, especially in7-Eleven and retail shops nationwide which are distributed via 340 product distribution trucks from Carabao’s 31 distribution centers nationwide.

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