“Carabao” seals a 3-year deal as Official Title Sponsor of the English Football League (EFL) Cup and Official EFL partner, with a sport marketing plan to expand to the UK and thrive internationally next season


Carabao secures a 3-year exclusive sponsorship for the English League Cup or EFL with plans to gain 10 percent market share in the UK within ten years, and hopes to expand the Thai energy drink brand into the European and the US markets in order to become globally recognized.

Carabao Group Public Co. Ltd. (CBG), manufacturer and distributor of Carabao Dang energy drinks, has become highly successful with canned Carabao Dang within CLMV, the Middle East and the European markets. Recently Carabao has made history as Official Title Sponsor and EFL partner of the English League Cup. The exclusive partnership will see the competition become known as the “Carabao Cup” from the start of the 2017/18 season, with the deal running until 2020.

Sathien Setthasit, Chief Executive Officer of Carabao Group Public Co. Ltd enthuses that, “So far we have been a principal partner of Chelsea FC in the Premier League as well as Reading FC. We have also set up a distribution representative office in the UK as well as in Europe. Carabao’s exclusive status as Official Title Sponsor and EFL partner will help a Thai brand like us to penetrate the UK market and create brand awareness internationally. This is according to our sport marketing strategy to expand territories and bring more income to our country.

“More importantly, sport marketing with football as a medium is straightforward. This can create extensive and inclusive brand awareness for Carabao in the international markets. The league, which comprises 92 teams from all over England, will be re-named “Carabao Cup” in the next season and become an ideal platform for Carabao to expand thoroughly within the UK, as well as other European countries that we have a fair share of potential customers.” Mr. Sathien says. We are confident that not only this partnership is the pivotal and challenging step for the brand to thrive, it is also a historic moment where a Thai brand would garner prominent presence in international markets and thus benefit the Thai economy.

“Being Official Title Sponsor and EFL partner does not only enhances Carabao brand image but also offers an impressive series of domestic and international commercial rights that will form major part of the brand’s growth strategy in targeted markets at home and abroad as well as bringing greater awareness of EFL internationally, especially in ASEAN. Besides the title name “Carabao Cup”, we will have our logo on every player’s jersey, on every ticket of every match, on the billboards of every stadium where the matches are broadcast live. This will include the company’s colors adorning the ribbons of the trophy, the match ball, perimeter boards, backdrops for every pre and post-match interviews and many other privileges.” Carabao’s executive explains.

The EFL Cup, embodies the very essence of the English football consciousness. All 92 clubs in the country competing in the first major cup competition of the season, culminating in the final at Wembley. Twenty among the teams are from the Premier League while the other 72 comes from the lower leagues.

Carabao has previously supported two renowned football clubs in England: Chelsea and Reading, where the brand greatly benefits from the local and international exposure.

Thailand energy drink market value is worth more than THB 30,000 million. During the 9 months of 2016 Carabao energy drink grew 12%, despite the -1% percent growth of Thailand’s energy drink market due to the stalling economy. However, internationally energy drinks have increased its popularity among consumers of all genders and age, thus the global energy drink market value is worth more than THB 3.3 trillion. Additionally, during the first 9 months of 2016 Carabao’s revenue from export sales have increased by 40%, compared to the corresponding period last year. The European market penetration with football strategy should ensure the brand’s exponential growth. Carabao also looks to expand to the UK market with its presence as EFL Cup sponsor, and hopes to gain 10 percent of market share within ten years before venturing on to other European countries and to the US market.