Vision & Mission


World class product world class brand


  • People: Develop our people with good attitude, willingness to learn, innovation, accountability
  • Work System: Execute with concise and international standard work system
  • Organization & Management: Operate with clear objective and understandable responsibility, proper organization structure, and project-based approach
  • Technology: Embed technology and innovation in our processes through production, management, sustainability development
  • Product: Produce quality and well-known world class product
  • Brand: Be wealthy and modern world class brand
  • Corporate Image: Be known as world class organization with good governance and social responsibility


  1. Within 2020, the company aims to be number one in the domestic market with a 35% market share.
  2. Drive sales to reach the top three in the international market (targeted countries).
  3. Expand the market to all continents and differentiate itself from competitors with innovation in production, marketing and administration.