Vision & Mission


World class product world class brand


  • People: Develop our people with good attitude, willingness to learn, innovation, accountability
  • Work System: Execute with concise and international standard work system
  • Organization & Management: Operate with clear objective and understandable responsibility, proper organization structure, and project-based approach
  • Technology: Embed technology and innovation in our processes through production, management, sustainability development
  • Product: Produce quality and well-known world class product
  • Brand: Be wealthy and modern world class brand
  • Corporate Image: Be known as world class organization with good governance and social responsibility

Goal and operating strategies of the Group

  • Develop marketing plans for enhancing the strength of our trademarks and effective use of innovative marketing strategy through Push & Pull strategy
  • Develop a strong international distributor network as well as a marketing operation strategy
  • Timely and quality product supply to meet consumers demand
  • Strengthening the “Carabao Dang” and “Carabao” Trademark lead to future business expansion